Friday, 5 April 2019

Redmi 6 Black full review

still lean towards Android One, solely because I find MIUI a tad too dull and boring. That said, Xiaomi ised to roll out MIUI 10 soonthe Redmi 6 Pro, so it should not be long before the phone getpdate. What would be worrisome for a few though, would be the fact that thereomise of Android Pie yet.

I also tried hopping on the Play Store and downloading the POCO launcher onto the device, but I wasn't able to because the Early Access pool was alreaded out. However, it would be interesting to try it out once a stable version of the ap

offers a more capable Snapdragon 636 chipset for gaming, but also gives you more usable scree without a notch. 

The battery drain while playing heavys also considerable. For reference, playing an hour of PUBG on Wi-Fi drained the battery by about 22 

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