Friday, 5 April 2019

iphone 7 128gb

rom the water resistance, there are three main external differences between the 6 and 7: first, the antenna lines on the back have been tweaked olored to blend into the boon the matte black and glssy jet black models, which is a welcome refinemene antennas remain a dull gray color on the silver, gold, and rose gld variants; Apple says are limits on what colors can be applied.) Second, the camera bump has been enla and more artfully curved into the rear casing, which looks particularly handsome on the smaller phone with a single camera.

And third — here it is again — there’s no headphone jack.

But really, once you put the iPhone 7 in a case, it looks exactly like an iPhone 6. And if you get a jet black model, you’ll want to get it into a case immediately — my jet black review unit scratched and scuffed almost instantly, and the onme it’s remained fingerprint-free is when we literally handled it with white gloves for the photo ano shoots accompanying this review. Apple is being unusually open about the.

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